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Why Doesn’t XDebug Work? It Used To.

I found myself asking (again) why XDebug wasn’t working, after installing a new IDE. I’d set a breakpoint, debug the page, but never see the code stop. I had trouble getting it to run the last time I tried a … Continue reading

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A CodeIgniter view does not run in the global scope

In a regular PHP file, you can grab the value of a variable from the global scope using the keyword GLOBAL. So for example if you want to use a variable inside your function, you can do something like this… … Continue reading

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Modernizing a Web Site

A client wanted me to take their existing web site and add a content-management system (CMS) and a members-only area. The site was made with Dreamweaver templates, which helped enforce some consistency. Unfortunately, the navigation was different on every single … Continue reading

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