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WordPress “recent posts” file to be included on another page

I have a client who finally asked for something I told him we could easily do. He wanted the recent posts from their blog sub-site to be listed on a sidebar on their main site. We wanted a dynamic list … Continue reading

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Chrome shrinks images in table cells

Chrome shrinks images in table cells! That was my accusation while working on a WordPress site. The images were correct in Firefox, but in Chrome, they got shrunk down to thumbnail size. I checked the styles for widths, table-layout, anything … Continue reading

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A photo album with CSS controls for previous and next

A client who owns a salon wanted a change to her web site. She used to have pictures of stylists and styles. So on Amanda’s page there was a picture of Amanda, and 1-3 pictures of hairstyles that she had … Continue reading

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Make a proper favicon for your web site

Sunday is my website cleanup day. My error logs looked clean, so I decided to finally make a proper favicon for my primary web site. I remember being surprised to learn that the .ico format allows you to store multiple sizes … Continue reading

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Git is Beautiful

Git is beautiful. Especially with Tower, a Git client only available on a Mac. Repository interfaces Several years ago, software developers generally decided that Git (or Mercurial) were better repositories than Subversion, in part because branching was cheaper and easier. … Continue reading

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Use repositories to protect your work

Software developers use repositories to protect their work. If you work with many text files, you should too. Repositories are snapshots of your work, stored on a timeline. You can use a repository for any collection of text files. My … Continue reading

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A CodeIgniter view does not run in the global scope

In a regular PHP file, you can grab the value of a variable from the global scope using the keyword GLOBAL. So for example if you want to use a variable inside your function, you can do something like this… … Continue reading

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