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What’s the deal with wp_enqueue_style (and why does WP documentation suck?)

I’m implementing a child theme for the WordPress template twentyfourteen. I followed the simple directions at WordPress’ Child Themes page. Yet my styles were not showing up. Not only were they not overriding the parent styles, Firebug showed that they … Continue reading

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Chrome shrinks images in table cells

Chrome shrinks images in table cells! That was my accusation while working on a WordPress site. The images were correct in Firefox, but in Chrome, they got shrunk down to thumbnail size. I checked the styles for widths, table-layout, anything … Continue reading

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A photo album with CSS controls for previous and next

A client who owns a salon wanted a change to her web site. She used to have pictures of stylists and styles. So on Amanda’s page there was a picture of Amanda, and 1-3 pictures of hairstyles that she had … Continue reading

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When PNG color doesn’t match hex color in IE,!

I built a site for my cousin’s business. We used PNGs for some of the background images and it looked gorgeous (at least to me). Then one day she asked me why her site had those weird rectangles. I had … Continue reading

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Input field and submit button on the same line, full width

For a mobile search, I wanted an input field next to a button. I wanted the button to fall to its natural width, and I wanted the input field to be 100% of the remaining width on the line. It’s … Continue reading

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How to Format Spoilers

As a film critic and a UI programmer, I’ve long thought about the perfect way to format spoilers. (A spoiler is some part of a movie review that gives away a secret or a surprise.) In print, critics give a … Continue reading

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