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Why Doesn’t XDebug Work? It Used To.

I found myself asking (again) why XDebug wasn’t working, after installing a new IDE. I’d set a breakpoint, debug the page, but never see the code stop. I had trouble getting it to run the last time I tried a … Continue reading

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Ical and Daylight Savings time in PHP

The film festival I volunteer for is usually in February, but this year it takes place during the same weekend as the switch to Daylight Savings time. Years ago I built a link on each detail page that lets you … Continue reading

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UTF-8 not working? Look for htmlentities.

I converted all my sites to UTF-8 and it was relatively painless. However, on one of my sites, I kept seeing legal UTF-8 characters turning into gibberish. It happened after entering UTF-8, submitting a form and then redisplaying the values … Continue reading

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A visual checksum for your PHP output

Refactoring the code on my billing system, I was promoting a method to its parent object. If I did it right, the output from the code wouldn’t be any different before and after the refactor. Unfortunately, the output page was … Continue reading

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Read it in the Sunday log files

Today’s lesson: It pays to be in the habit of checking your log files. I make it a habit to check log files once a week. I set an alarm for every Sunday morning to remind me to check my … Continue reading

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