WordPress replaces your menu with a single button

Actually, it’s not WordPress per se, but the TwentyTwelve theme. If you look at your beautiful site or blog on a small device, your carefully structured menus will be reduced to a one-dimensional abomination labeled “Menu.”

Wordpress reduces your menu to this

WordPress reduces your menu to this

Well-intentioned designers created this

Well-intentioned designers created this

In looking for a fix, I discovered that it was created by well-meaning theme developers. They think that if you’re viewing a site on a small screen, a larger menu is unusable, so they’re taking the decision out of your hands and “fixing” it for you, with no way for you to opt out.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Another commenter suggested it was made this way because “hover” states don’t work on touch-screen phones. Nice thought, except the decision to go one-dimensional isn’t based on touch input, it’s based on screen width. Plus, you can’t have a top-level navigation item in WordPress that isn’t a link — that is only a hover. So, again, nice thought, but no thanks.

What my client has found is that, although we offer a mobile site, some people like to see the regular, full site, and zoom in to what they are looking for. I’m not sure I agree, but who am I to argue? And who is WordPress to dictate? (Can you tell it’s late and I’ve spent too much time trying to track this “feature” down?)

Enough already. Here’s the fix.

Open the CSS file for your theme. Search for this phrase:

@media screen and (min-width: 600px) {

Change the 600px to 6px.

You’re done.

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