A visual checksum for your PHP output

Refactoring the code on my billing system, I was promoting a method to its parent object. If I did it right, the output from the code wouldn’t be any different before and after the refactor.

Unfortunately, the output page was a large table of numbers, and it was difficult to detect a small change at a glance. If only there were some way to have the page spit out a checksum, I could quickly tell whether the refactor resulted in identical output.

SHA-1 is an encryption algorithm. It takes a string of any length as an input and returns a string of 20 hexadecimal characters. It’s easy to reduce a big HTML table full of numbers to a small string.

It was still a little difficult to tell the difference between, for example, the next two lines


So I decided to take advantage of the fact that here was a nice long string of hex decimals. I grabbed the first 6 and the last 6 digits to create a colored box with a colored border. Now I could quickly glance at a big blob of color and tell whether anything had changed.

This difference is much easier to see:


Here is the PHP function:

function getVisualChecksum($out)
 // from boulderinformationservices.wordpress.com
 $checksum = sha1($out);
 $checksumColor1 = substr($checksum, 0, 6);
 $checksumColor2 = substr($checksum, -6, 6);
 return sprintf(
  '<span style="background-color: #%s; border: 4px solid #%s">%s</span>', 
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