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Aw, Phoocs! That is to say… PHP + OOCSS

When I first heard about OOCSS, I was skeptical. Here was another expert developer with her own pet system for building pages – didn’t we all have something like that in our snippet library? Plus, the “OO” component of OOCSS … Continue reading

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When PNG color doesn’t match hex color in IE,!

I built a site for my cousin’s business. We used PNGs for some of the background images and it looked gorgeous (at least to me). Then one day she asked me why her site had those weird rectangles. I had … Continue reading

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Input field and submit button on the same line, full width

For a mobile search, I wanted an input field next to a button. I wanted the button to fall to its natural width, and I wanted the input field to be 100% of the remaining width on the line. It’s … Continue reading

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Redirect to a mobile site, unobtrusively

I just made a kick-ass mobile web site (if I do say so myself) for a client. The question arose whether to provide a link to it from the main site (which another developer controlled), or to detect mobile devices … Continue reading

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